Garuda Indonesia Economy Class UPG-CGK

Flight 8/12: Makassar to Jakarta

Why couldn’t I fly Makassar straight to Bali for the flight back to Australia? I don’t even know. I’ve done it before (on Garuda even), but for some reason I literally could not book the connection on this trip. Anyway…

After my mad dash for coffee in Makassar I got back on the same plane for the flight to Jakarta. We departed on time.

Shortly after take-off we were served brunch. Again, success! I got my VGML. It was partially edible. There was some marinated tofu and vegetables, rice, steamed vegetables, and a tub of fresh sliced fruit. I ate everything except for the tofu bit, because I could smell soy sauce, and I couldn’t be entirely certain it was gluten free. What I ate was fine though, if not especially appetizing. I knew there was yet another Starbucks in Jakarta airport…


The brunch VGML…

We landed on time in Jakarta, and I plonked myself down at Starbucks for 2 hours for more caffeine and free wi-fi!


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