Garuda Indonesia Economy Class CGK-DPS

Flight 9/12: Jakarta to Denpasar

Because apparently the Garuda flight from Jakarta to Sydney only goes 3 days a week, and I was not flying home on one of those days…I had to fly from Jakarta to Bali to get the flight home from Bali instead. After this many flights, I’m sure you can understand my lack of enthusiasm for yet another flight. More security, more sitting around. Transiting in Bali…*headdesk*

I spent most of the layover in Jakarta drinking coffee. The flight boarded early, and we took off early. I was tired, despite the copious amounts of caffeine already consumed since leaving Ambon. I think my tolerance levels are obscene some days.

The meal was served shortly after take-off. I again got my VGML, but I wasn’t especially hungry. The meal consisted off steamed vegetables, rice, and vegetables in a steamed cabbage leaf with a tomato sauce. Dessert was the green jello thing that I refuse to eat, so I still don’t know what it is after several flights where it’s been served to me.

IMG_20160103_143807The VGML lunch…

We landed slightly early, and I made my way over to the international terminal for a mindnumbingly boring 7 hour layover. Time will tell if my bag makes it to Sydney…


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