Garuda Indonesia Economy Class AMQ-UPG

Flight 7/12: Ambon to Makassar

On my way home! Thankfully. The diving on this trip has been fun, but the food situation has been less than ideal. I will likely write up a short trip report to comment on that separately at some point.

The flight leaving Ambon was on time, but the airport was insanely busy, so it was still a mad rush, even getting there 2 hours early. My bag was checked through to Sydney, but I intended to make sure it didn’t come out at Denpasar just in case. I’ve had issues with bags not making the international-domestic transfer there in the past. And I had 6 hours layover there, so I wouldn’t be in any great hurry.

The airport in Ambon has a number of shops, but little did we know that they were all pre-security screening. We’d gone through security by the time we realised this. However I will note that there are a number of cafe’s, convenience stores, and a couple of gift shops. Post-security, there’s a small snack bar – and I do mean small – that sold bottles of water, chocolate, and coffee. Not the end of the world, I’d had a quick breakfast at the resort before leaving for the airport, and knew Garuda was going to feed me on the plane.

Boarding was on time, and straight forward. Flight left early for a change! Not long after take-off we got served our breakfast. I did in fact get my VGML. I did not actually eat my VGML. I took one mouthful and discovered that it was so salty as to be pretty much inedible. I left the pudding, because I couldn’t be 100% certain it was gluten free, although it potentially was.


The breakfast VGML

We landed on time in Makassar, and as my next flight was on the exact same plane, I had the option as to whether we wanted to stay on board, or quickly get off the plane and go to the terminal. I got off the plane, did an insane mad dash to Starbucks for coffee, and then got back on the plane. Never let it be said I don’t like my caffeine!


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