Garuda Indonesia Economy Class UPG-SOQ

Flight 5/12: Makassar to Sorong

OMG. Just get me to Raja Ampat already! Seriously.

This entry comes a week late due to lack of sufficiently stable internet access at my resort which would allow me to upload this post.

I spent the entire transit in Makassar holed up in the Starbucks drinking coffee (again), abusing their wifi (again), and charging my phone (thank Cthulu for a cafe with power outlets). To be honest, all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep – despite the copious amounts of coffee consumed in the previous 12 hours. It would eventually hit me.

Eventually the flight boarded. I was tired, and cared so little about food on offer at that point, as it was past 3.30am by the time we were in the air. The hot meal was served, and I did in fact get my vgml – which consisted of yellow rice, vegetables, and some mushroom and tofu thing, with some fresh sliced fruit, and water. No, I did not drink any more coffee. Unsurprisingly, the inevitable stomach ache hit a few hours later from the obscene amounts of caffeine previously consumed.


Supper that I didn’t really eat…

I attempted to nap, but the flight wasn’t really that long. We landed uneventfully at 6.15am, where I was met at the airport in Sorong for my transfer to Raja Ampat. Yes, my bag did in fact make it from Sydney all the way to Sorong – will wonders never cease? Thanks Garuda!


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