Garuda Indonesia Economy Class SOQ-AMQ

Flight 6/12: Sorong to Ambon

Because I wanted to dive some more after Raja Ampat, and I was already in the general vicinity (and there was a direct flight)…I figured that going to Ambon for New Years would be fun. The diving was said to be similar to Lembeh, kind of the whole same-same but different thing that south-east Asia is known for. Seemed like it was worth checking out at any rate, as my last trip to Lembeh was kind of disappointing anyway.

I was glad to be out of Raja Ampat to be totally honest. I enjoyed it, but the resort I’d stayed at wasn’t quite what I thought. Not in a bad way necessarily, but frustrating not knowing certain things in advance.

Anyway, I got to the airport about an hour before my flight, and thankfully check-in was quick and painless. Although the guy at the Garuda counter did try to hit me up for excess baggage. My ticket allowed 30kg, but he tried to tell me I only had 20kg. There was a bit of discussion, and he finally got it. There’s nothing inside the airport, so you’d need to bring your own food and drinks if you want anything.

Flight boarded on time for the short flight to Ambon – just over an hour. The meal was served, but it turned out to just be a snack box. No special meal catering on this flight. The box contained some kind of savoury bread roll type thing, sweet rice (made with palm sugar), and a bottle of water. I ate the rice.


Afternoon snack…

Landed on time and made our way to the dive resort. Where they actually really genuinely seemed to understand what vegan and gluten free meant!


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