Garuda Indonesia Economy Class CGK-UPG

Flight 4/12: Jakarta to Makassar (or Ujung Pandang depending on how politically correct you want to be)

We’re getting there…Slowly. Very slowly.

First and foremost: I hate Jakarta. Ok, not in and of itself (sort of – the airport is ok, I just hate the city). I simply hate that people smoke everywhere, even inside the airport, and in the airport cafe’s…And have no qualms at all about blowing the smoke straight in your face. I reek of it right now. It’s gross, and I can’t wait to get to Sorong so that I can get changed out of these smokey clothes.

Anyway, I had a ~7 hour layover in Jakarta before my flight to Makassar. I pretty much sat in the Starbucks drinking coffee and stealing wifi from one of the airline lounges (seriously, could they have less imaginitive passwords? I guessed it on my first attempt). Nothing eventful happened, I got bored pretty quickly. There were a few shops around, but nothing particularly interesting to see. A small department store sold chocolates and cookies etc. as well as some dried fruit. I was tempted to buy some dried mango (shocker, I know), but it was the processed stuff that’s full of sugar, not plain dried mango. Not much else that I could have eaten really. I stuck to my coffee.

Do you know how stupid it is that Raja Ampat is only 1 hour time difference to Queensland? But that it will have taken me 47 hours to get there? Why can’t there be an easier way? Yes, you can tell how tired I probably am at the point of typing up this blog entry.

Anyway, we boarded about half an hour late, but we made up time along the way and actually landed on time in Makassar. The flight itself was totally uneventful.

I got my VGML shortly after takeoff. It was some spinach ravioli like thing (I could tell it wasn’t gluten free, but I cut it open to see what the filling was anyway), with some vegetables and chickpeas. It also came with a sachet of chili sauce and a green jello dessert with some sliced peach (I think). It was late by the time the meal was served, and I wasn’t even remotely hungry. I ate a few mouthfuls of the chickpeas and left the rest.


This was the VGML that I barely touched. Simply wasn’t hungry. The ravioli probably wasn’t gluten free anyway.

I napped for an hour or so after that before we started to descend into Makassar. A quick transit through to the departures area, and I could hole up in yet another Starbucks!


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