Qantas Economy Class TSV-BNE

Flight 1/12: Townsville to Brisbane

OMG. Twelve, yes 12, flights for this one dive trip. FML. Better be worth the pain. And the money.

I’m off to Raja Ampat for Christmas, and then Ambon for New Year. The journey begins with making my way to Sydney – via Brisbane, because there’s no direct Qantas flight from Townsville to Sydney. That would just make life easy or something, and obviously we can’t have that.

Check-in in Townsville was quick and easy, surprisingly my bag only weighed in at 25kg. I was expecting worse. Then made my way to the Qantas Club for a quick bite to eat before the flight. Not much was on offer, but I got some olive mix and my obligatory caffeine.


My snack in the Townsville Qantas Club…

The flight was quick to board and depart. Unsurprisingly there was no VGML for me. I knew this in advance (why does Qantas even let you book one if they know they won’t have it?), and had prepared some dried mango in my dehydrator at home. Good thing too, as the snack offered on board was cheese and crackers, and a bag of butter cookies. Not exactly ideal for one with a dairy allergy!


What I got given on board vs. what I actually ate…

Anyway, we landed on time in Brisbane, for what I thought was to be a fairly short layover. Little did I know…


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