Singapore Airlines Economy Class SIN-BNE

After a very boring 6 hour layover in Singapore, during which time I window shopped and drank coffee, we finally got around to boarding. I had bought snacks for the flight from the convenience store inside the terminal, however, much to my frustration, I discovered I’d pretty much eaten it all during the layover and had none left for the flight! Sadly by the time I’d noticed this, I’d already gone through gate security and couldn’t go buy more.

Boarding itself went efficiently and we departed on time. The flight was surprisingly empty (half full at best) – all my other flights on this trip literally hadn’t had a spare seat.

Supper was served shortly after takeoff. The VGML consisted of a spiced chickpea salad, some kind of vegetable curry/stew type thing with rice and zucchini, a bread roll with dairy free spread, and crackers. I ate the salad and the hot meal. Not bad!

IMG_6039VGML supper on the Singapore-Brisbane red-eye flight

Spent a couple of hours watching Blackhat on the inflight entertainment. There’s probably a reason I didn’t see it when it got released. My nitpicking of the technical computing stuff aside (which I know quite a bit about from a previous career), I thought the motive for the whole thing was boring. I would have found political espionage over the South China Sea to be a far more entertaining storyline. Blah.

Tried to rest for a while, but was unsuccessful. Too much chatter. Ended up playing Temple Run on my iPad. I still suck at it.

Breakfast came about 2 hours before landing in Brisbane. While vegan, it certainly wasn’t suitable for the gluten intolerant. Out of the tub of fruit salad, bread roll, sultana bran, soy milk, and apple juice? I ate the fruit salad. Not the end of the world, as getting something to eat once I got to Brisbane would be straight forward.

IMG_6040VGML breakfast on the Singapore-Brisbane red-eye flight

Landed on time and got through immigration and customs very quickly. Miracle! The last time I had to go through customs in Brisbane it was an unequivocal nightmare.

One more flight – after a 4 hour layover. Then home. And sleep. OMG, I want to sleep. I’ve been in a state of perpetual jetlag this entire trip, never having enough time to recover before flying again.


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