Singapore Airlines Economy Class LHR-SIN


I am in fact on the way home, and not rebelling and staying London. I was half tempted to ring up a few people back in Australia to tell them to pack up my apartment and ship my stuff over to England for me. This isn’t a new idea – I have it every time I’m in London. There’s legally nothing stopping me from staying permanently, but at the end of the day, it’s unrealistic without a good job lined up. Doing the whole barista thing isn’t going to let me live the life I want. Sadly one can not ignore economics.

Anyway, I got myself to Heathrow Terminal 2 with plenty of time to spare. The checkin was problematic. Singapore Airlines clearly doesn’t use their own staff and outsources it. Nightmare. They screwed up a couple of things with my booking, and I was suddenly unclear as to weather I would get my VGML on board.

I decided to grab some dinner in the terminal before boarding. Also bought some snacks for the flight. Dinner was just a bowl of fries with mushy peas and ketchup. Quick and simple.

My last minute snack stash purchase for the flight. Dried fruit from WHS.

I got to the gate to try and sort out my seating and confirm my meal. All good. Lo and behold, the problem was with the idiot at the checkin desk. The woman at the gate didn’t seem surprised to hear it. This is what happens when you employ contract staff who don’t understand how the airline operates. Either that, or that checkin woman was simply a whole new level of incompetent. It certainly could have been the latter.

We boarded about half an hour late due to the late arrival of the aircraft (how many times have I heard that one?), only to then get stuck at the gate for another hour due to air traffic control limiting flight departures (and arrivals – hey, guess why the plane was late to arrive?!?!?) in and out of Heathrow due to a big storm to the east. The captain said they were only allowing one departure every 10 minutes. Understandable, but oh so boring.

I started watching that Scientology doco “Going Clear” on the inflight entertainment system. Weird. But I already knew it would be.

Once we finally got in the air, dinner was served almost immediately. It included: a salad tub (cold zucchini, baby tomato, baby spinach, walnuts, and tofu – admittedly I thought the tofu looked like feta for a second), a risotto like thing with tomato sauce and zucchini and asparagus, fruit salad, dried fruit (which for some unfathomable reason contained wheat), a bread roll, dairy free spread, and water. I ate the salad, hot meal, and the fruit salad. The risotto like stuff was really good! Got offered ice cream as they went around with the general meal service, but declined for obvious reasons.

IMG_6035 The VGML dinner

Miraculously, I actually managed to get some good rest. Not really sleep, but I stopped dozing about 2.5 hours before landing. I say miraculously because there was a newborn baby next to me. She thankfully slept most of the flight, and the crying was minimal, and only during the meals when we were all awake anyway.

Breakfast came about 2 hours before landing. Fruit tub with orange and grapefruit, a hot meal of hash browns, mushrooms in a tomato sauce, spinach, and grilled tomato, bread roll, dairy free spread, orange juice, and another bag of the dried fruit that had wheat in. I ate the fruit tub and the hot meal (except the spinach).

IMG_6037The VGML breakfast…

We made up time during the flight and ended up landing only 45 minutes late, despite the 90 minute delay at Heathrow. Then I had 6 hours before my next flight *yawn*


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