British Airways Economy Class CDG-LHR

I’m home!

*hugs the world* Puppies for everyone!

Everything else on the planet could be one giant clusterfornication, but being in London would still bring a smile to my face. I may live in Australia, but England will always and forever be home. Admittedly I am in London for work this time, but still, it’s good to be back.

So I made my way from Nancy back to Charles de Gaulle on the TGV. Simple enough, even if it did mean getting up at 4.30 am. Thankfully the TGV gets into CDG at Terminal 2 – conveniently the same terminal my flight was departing from. I’d actually already checked in online the day before, so all I had to do was bag drop and pick up my boarding pass.

Security and immigration was all easy enough, as I always travel in Europe on my UK passport rather than my Australian one. More convenient.

And then…WINNER! I’d actually forgotten that because this one single flight on my itinerary was on a OneWorld airline that I would actually have lounge access! Huzzah! Thanks BA! I made my way to the OneWorld lounge which is operated by Cathay Pacific at T2A. Happy dance! Cathay are my favourite. There’s also an American Airlines lounge which I could have used as well…But why would you? AA lounges kind of suck in general, and Cathay wins all.

IMG_5983The standard hot food fare in the Cathay lounges – fried rice, chicken, noodles, etc. Next to the salad bar.


The snack bar in the Cathay lounge – cheeses, cupcakes, etc. Not so edible for the vegans and gluten intolerant among us. But a good stash of Coke Zero!

Due to the late arrival of the aircraft, we ended up departing about 80 minutes late. Frustrating, because I just wanted to get to London. Everything was uneventful though.

Believe it or not, by pure happenstance, the snack served on the flight was both gluten free and vegan! Admittedly crisps aren’t exactly the healthiest thing out there, but better than nothing!

BAlunch Not so healthy – but edible!

Got to Heathrow…And almost kissed the ground. Almost. Because: gross!


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