Virgin Australia Economy Class TSV-BNE

On my way to France for a work conference. It’s a hard life, I know.

Flights that require me to be up at stupid o’clock are always going to suck.

Too tired to really give much of a crap about anything, as long as I could get my coffee.

Check in was simple enough, and got boarding passes all the way through to Paris. Transits in Brisbane and Singapore were to come. No lounge access on this trip because (a) it was in economy, and (b) my high status is on One World and not Star Alliance. Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines are Star Alliance. I’m working on gaining higher status with them, but not high enough up the ladder yet for complimentary lounge access.

Flight boarded on time and everything was good. Snacks got brought around and it was tea/coffee/water/long life orange juice. Black coffee it was. They also handed out these mini banana cake things. I suspect they were just banana muffins shaped like a cake. I gave mine to my neighbor.

IMG_5931[1]No VGML on this flight…Shocker.

Landed on time in Brisbane, uneventfully, and made my way to the international terminal.


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