Singapore Airlines Economy Class SIN-CDG

WTF is this??? Where’d the Starbucks go? I wanted to cry like a 2 year old. I’m not even joking. My guilty pleasure is getting Starbucks everytime I go through Changi. It seems to have disappeared. Sad Panda.

I knew I’d get fed on the flight to Paris, but I kind of wanted a proper dinner. Sadly I couldn’t really find anything vegan in any of the restaurants or cafés. I resorted to just grabbing a couple of small bags of nuts and a bottle of Coke Zero from the convenience store in Terminal 3. I was pretty tired at that point and just wanted to find somewhere to sit down and read emails before the flight.

Boarding was…Painful. Literally. Some woman stood on my broken foot while I was waiting for early boarding. As expected, the only word out of my mouth was “fuck!”. Instead of apologising, she started to yell at me for swearing in front of her kid. Lady, quite frankly you were lucky that was the only swear word out of my mouth and that I didn’t call you all the far more colourful names that were running through my head. I then had a 13 hour flight to look forward to with an even more painful foot.

The flight itself was fairly uneventful. I tried to sleep, but to no avail. My foot hurt, and painkillers can only do so much. Plus, economy class. Doom.

Dinner was served not long after departure. It consisted of chickpeas, corn and beans with rice and steamed zucchini. The tray also had salad with balsamic dressing (I think, but I didn’t eat it since I couldn’t be sure it was gluten free), cut fruit, a bread roll (also didn’t eat), and non dairy spread.

IMG_5934[1]VGML supper – I ate the hot meal and the fruit.

Tried to sleep after the supper was cleared away, but didn’t really happen. Got some rest for a few hours though, and then decided to finish off my powerpoint presentation for the conference I was attending. Until the battery ran out on my laptop…

Watched some tv shows to wind down the time, including The Flash. Grant Gustin…lol.

Anyway, breakfast was served a couple of hours before landing in Paris. The tray contained steamed vegetables, fruit, a tub of apple juice, and soy milk. Boring, but it was all edible.

IMG_5935[1]VGML breakfast – bland but edible.

Landed on time at Charles de Gaulle, and thus began the regular anticipated chaos that it is renowned for. Seriously, 3 Airbus A380’s had just landed, and they had 1 single immigration line open for all the EU passport holders? Right. And then the luggage conveyor belt was broken. And then having to get from T1 to T2 so I could get the TGV…OMG. Die.

I eventually made it to Nancy for my conference.


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