United Airlines Economy Class TKK-GUM

Chuuk to Townsville: flight 1… Well after a rather disasterous trip to Chuuk, I was finally on my way home. Blame United. They suck – and not in a positive life affirming way.

Trip effectively ruined, and lo and behold, the flight from Chuuk to Guam is late. I was utterly unsurprised by anything United did at this point. After we boarded half an hour late, we then had to go through some ceremonious United thing because it was the pilot’s last ever flight before retiring. That’s great and all, but some of us had connections to make in Guam, and the celebrations could have waited until we had landed in Guam.

Screw United. Seriously.

The flight itself was full of young kids. I hate kids. This did not make my already horrific experience with United on this trip any better. People were refusing to sit in their assigned seats, arguments ensued. Plane departed even later.

Finally in the air and on the way to Guam, trying desperately to find out if they’d be holding the flight to Cairns for us (there were about 6-8 people on board trying to make that connection). United said they weren’t holding it and that if we wanted to make it, we’d just “have to make sure we hurried through immigration, customs, and TSA screening“…You know, in the 25 minutes we had because the flight was late.

The food served on this sector was partly edible. Some mini-salad thing, a cheese and ham roll, and some chocolate cookies. I ate the salad (it came with a sachet of mayo which I didn’t use).

IMG_5885Not a VGML, but still partially edible.

In the end, we made the connection in Guam. After arguing with the staff at immigration to fast track us through.

United – never again.


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