United Airlines Economy Class GUM-CNS

Chuuk to Townsville: flight 2…

Running, running, running – I’m forever running through airports! After the clusterfornication that was the Chuuk to Guam flight, I was literally sprinting through immigration, customs and TSA screening in Guam to make the connection to Cairns – because United told us they wouldn’t hold the flight.

I made it, but I was starving at that point, and hadn’t had the chance to get to one of the shops inside Guam airport to grab something to eat before the flight. And since my previous experience with the United snack boxes is that they weren’t vegan or gluten friendly, it was going to be well past midnight before I got into Cairns and could potentially find some food.

The flight departed on time, probably only 1/3 full. I took a row to myself and got some photo editing done from what little diving I did manage to get done on the trip.

Meals were served fairly promptly, although it was again predictably not vegan or gluten friendly.

IMG_5894Cold potato salad (with mayo), a pork roll, and cookies.

Honestly, I was so hungry by that point I almost ate it. Except the lovely woman in the row behind me had realised I wasn’t eating it. We got to talking, and she took my food, and offered me a couple of small bags of dried fruit she’d bought at the airport shop in exchange! Some people are awesome – just not United.

We landed early into Cairns – by over half an hour. So really, United could have just not been douchebags and held the flight for us in Guam. Anyway, quarantine was quick and painless, just a couple of wooden trinkets to declare, but no problems.

Then a long wait until the domestic terminal opened so that I could dump my dive bag for the flight home.

If I never have to fly United again it will still be too soon.


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