Qantas Economy Class CNS-TSV

Chuuk to Townsville: flight 3…

Nearly home…After waiting around outside the terminal for about 4 hours for the building to reopen, we finally got inside around 3.30am. However, Qantas check-in desks didn’t open until 4am. Seriously, I know Cairns isn’t a huge port, but it’s atrocious that the airport terminal building isn’t open 24/7, even if check-in isn’t. At that point, I’d already checked in online on my phone and just needed to bag drop.

Eventually did that and headed upstairs to the Qantas lounge. It’s usually quite quiet in the mornings in Cairns, but for some reason, the place was full of loudmouthed bogans. Imagine my joy?

Eventually headed off to get the flight, which was running on time. Given that it’s the first flight of the day, you’d hope it was on time! At the gate, the scanner wasn’t working – because of course it wasn’t. They had to manually check everyone in at the gate.

We did depart on time, and once in the air were served our typical bunny hop snack box. Last time I took this flight, we got some fruit, so I was hopeful, but not holding my breath.

Good thing I didn’t hold my breath…

QF_cnstsvApple and cinnamon bread, a museli bar, and orange juice.

Nothing edible, but I did get a coffee.

We landed on time, I got my bags, and headed for the taxi rank. The second I walked in the door at home, I stuffed my face with a box of raw food bars. Seriously. I was starving.

Thus ends my aborted holiday to Chuuk. Back to work again.

Also, I hate United.


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