Qantas Economy Class CNS-TSV

Nearly home…

After getting to the airport an hour before my flight and checking in (they didn’t charge me excess baggage despite my bag weighing 28 kg), I made my way through security (seriously, open more security lines at peak hour), and then went to one of the shops in the domestic terminal that I know sells dried fruit. Previous experience of both the Cairns Qantas Club and the Cairns-Townsville flights meant that I had little faith in getting much that I could eat, so I always have a contingency plan. Then ventured to the Qantas Club for half an hour before boarding the flight.

Upon take off, I was mildly surprised to get the breakfast snack box that contained a sliced apple. Turned out I didn’t really need that dried fruit after all!


The Qantas breakfast snack box – with an apple, cake (marmalade, carrot, and sultana loaf), and a tub of orange juice. I ate the apple.IMG_5704

This is what I’d bought in Cairns airport to eat on the plane, but it turned out to be unnecessary. Snack for later when I’m at work? I think so!

Landed on time in Townsville and got a taxi home to dump my dive gear, pick up my laptop, and drive to work. Fun. And later I have all the laundry and dive gear washing to do…

Thus ends my PNG holiday. Back to the grind.


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