Cairns Domestic Qantas Club

Been through this airport often enough in my life, but never got around to writing a lounge review.

As Cairns is more of a tourism port rather than a business port, most of the travellers don’t have lounge access. Which means there’s a reasonably sized domestic Qantas Club that’s not too crowded. It also means the wi-fi works!

Admittedly I got to the airport fairly late, as I’d had to overnight in Cairns (my international flight landed too late to make the last connecting flight home). I had a 7 am flight, so there weren’t a whole lot of tourists around. Mostly the business crowd, but even then it’s not really much of a crowd.

From previous experience, I knew that the food options in the lounge weren’t all that great – even without having dietary restrictions. As such, I went to one of the shops downstairs in the general departures area which I knew sold bags of dried tropical fruit before heading to the Qantas Club. My main reason for hitting the lounge was to get my caffeine fix. I’d just come back from holiday, and I had a 7 am flight, which meant I’d been up since about 5 am. And when I landed, I pretty much had time to go dump my dive bag at home, hang my wet stuff up, so that I could make it to work by 9am. Therefore – caffeine. I was only in the lounge for maybe 30 minutes before heading back downstairs to board my flight.

Snagged myself some mixed berries and gluten free museli – and a Diet Coke (no Coke Zero). Enough to make it through until lunch time at any rate.



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