Airlines of PNG Economy Class TFI-POM

Long day.

Left for Tufi airport quite early to get the flight back to Port Moresby. Simple enough. But then a really long 7 hour layover in Port Moresby before my connecting flight back to Cairns. Crappy flight schedules, but it is what it is.

The flight from Tufi left on time, but we flew to Port Moresby via Poppondetta, which added a little time to the trip. Nice flight though.

On board, we were served a little tub of apple juice on the Tufi to Poppondetta sector, and then a tub of orange juice and scotch finger cookies on the Poppondetta to Port Moresby sector. Honestly, after the lack of food at Tufi, I actually drank the juice out of desperation. Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad, I had a bottle of water on board that I bought at the resort, but I did want the sugar hit at that point. I gave the cookies to someone else on the flight to eat.

IMG_5700_smlThe two “refreshments” served on the two sectors between Tufi and Port Moresby.

Landed on time and ventured off for my 7 hour layover in Port Moresby. Ugh. Can not reiterate how much that airport sucks.


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