Air Niugini Economy Class POM-CNS

O. M. G.

I actually got a decent vegan and gluten free meal in PNG! Albeit I got it on the flight home…

I’d resigned myself to not getting the VGML on the flight from Port Moresby to Cairns, since I didn’t get one on the Cairns-Port Moresby flight on the way over. I figured that if catering in Cairns couldn’t get it right, then Port Moresby had no chance.

Lo and behold, as soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off, one of the cabin crew came and checked with me that I’d ordered the vegetarian. Yes, it was actually on board! One up on the Cairns to Port Moresby flight.

Then when it was actually served, and it was actually vegan and gluten free, I wanted to cry tears of joy. I’d had so many issues with the food in PNG that I was honestly genuinely happy to get a meal that I could eat.

It was a simple vegetable curry with rice, very mild, but it was edible and tasty, and at that point, that was all that mattered to me. Washed it down with the little tub of apple juice that it was served with (that I usually avoid like the plague), and a can of Coke Zero.


My VGML between Port Moresby and Cairns! Miracles happen?

I was still definitely going to need to go out for dinner when I arrived in Cairns for my overnight layover (the flight landed too late for me to get through immigration and customs in order to make the last connection home), but I was grateful for the food regardless. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy when it comes to food, I’m not that picky.

That aside, the flight wasn’t terrible. The two guys in the row in front of me were playing games on their tablets and phones – without headphones on. Which would have been fine if they’d had the sound muted…I asked the cabin crew to ask them to turn the sound off or put headphones in, but by the time they got around to speaking to them about it, we were already an hour into the 90 minute flight. Frustrating, but at least it wasn’t a longer flight I guess. Also, after the meal service, the area around where I was sitting smelled like urine. There were no babies near me, so I don’t know if someone had bladder problems, or spilled something, but it reeked. Not a great flight, but I suppose I’ve had worse.

Landed on time in Cairns and got through immigration quickly, before being hauled up at quarantine for some wooden items and shells that I’d picked up in PNG, but even that didn’t take too long. Then made my way into town to my hotel and to The Esplanade for dinner! That Turkish restaurant beckoned…


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