Airlines of PNG Economy Class POM-TFI

Bahahaha. I’m shocked! I had a 90 minute international-domestic connection in Port Moresby. Did I make it? Ha! Course I did.

After clearing immigration and customs, I headed for the Airlines of PNG domestic transfer desk. They tried to hit me up for excess baggage, which I was prepared to cop, as it was only 20 kina ($10 Australian for 4kg over). But when I went to the customer service desk to pay for it, there was nobody there. When I went back to tell the check-in agent, she just let it go. PNG’s infamous lack of customer service works in my favour!

Anyway, the domestic departures lounge is pretty bare. There’s a tiny shop selling drinks (water, coke, etc.). I got some water.

Walked out to the plane, and took off on time. Once in the air for our 35 minute flight to Tufi, we were offered refreshments. Which was a small tub of orange juice and a packet of scotch finger biscuits. I hate long life juice, and the biscuits were off the table for gluten, dairy, and egg. Such is life.


I could have drunk the orange juice, but I didn’t.

The landing into Tufi is absolutely spectacular by the way!

IMG_5373It’s a hard life…


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