Townsville Qantas Club

My new home base. For the next couple of years at any rate…

The Qantas Club in Townsville is tiny. And given the number of people living in the city with Qantas Gold or Platinum frequent flyer status (it’s home base for a lot of fly-in/fly-out mining types), it’s usually also really busy. However, I got exceedingly lucky being on one of the last flights of the night, and it was pretty empty. Sadly because it was Christmas Eve, and traffic and taxis were chaotic at best, I ended up arranging a taxi much earlier than I would ordinarily. And because it showed up more or less on time (only 10 minutes later than booked), I got to the airport way too early. While I love lounge access, I’d still rather avoid lengthy stays if I can.

However, that aside, if you do head for the lounge…Typical Qantas Club really. Bar is kept busy by mining types wanting a drink. The food offerings were minimal, but I did find a couple of things to eat. Some olives and a pumpkin and cous cous thing. I had to ask what was in the olive marinade and pumpkin stuff, and the kitchen told me it was safe – which it seemingly was, since I didn’t get sick.

IMG_5318The lounge food offerings in Townsville Qantas Club. There was a hot food option of nachos as well, but for obvious reasons it was out (dairy, meat, gluten).

IMG_5319I got something to eat – I was surprised!

Wi-fi works, but it’s not fantastic, even with so few people in the lounge. I had a better data connection on my phone just using Telstra. There are powerpoints in there at the tables – although very few, so you’d be up the proverbial creek without a paddle if it was busy.

All in all, a pretty good lounge visit. Although one has to bear in mind that the lounge was not busy at the time. Having been in this lounge when it’s busy in the past, I know that food is pretty much non-existent, it’s loud and overcrowded, and the wi-fi barely works.


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