Qantas Economy Class TSV-CNS

The flight from Townsville to Cairns is a bunny hop at best (though technically it says an hour). The only reason I flew instead of driving is because I didn’t want to risk the roads being flooded and missing my connecting flight because the highway was cut near Ingham or Tully. Don’t laugh – it’s happened to me before.

Anyway, Qantas Club access in Townsville is predictably average. It’s a tiny lounge, but I got lucky and there weren’t a whole lot of people in it when I was in there. Food offerings were minimal, but they had some olives, and a pumpkin and cous cous thing that I could eat. Not bad. Plenty of alcohol though by the looks of it. Which you know, is great if you actually drink the stuff. Read more about it here if you’re interested.

Also? That awkward moment you’re in the lounge watching stupid Youtube videos and your boss walks in with his kid and sees exactly what you’re watching? Awkward.

No priority boarding as it’s a Dash-8 flight, and everyone just walks out to the plane rather than using the aerobridges.

I put in the VGML request when I booked the flights, but predictably it never eventuated. This was entirely expected given the length of the flight. It was Christmas Eve, and I’d already started eating before the flight, so my care factor was pretty minimal. For the record though, we were offered the following snackbox:

IMG_5320Innit cute?IMG_5321Crackers (gluten), Cheese (dairy), Beetroot relish (no ingredients listed), Chocolate (dairy), and Tic Tacs (no ingredients listed)…So, the Coke Zero I ordered was ok?

An otherwise uneventful flight. Landed on time and made my way to town.


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