Jetstar Economy Class DPS-PER

Hahahaha! Jetstar!

Fuck the world.

So, my Garuda flight from Makassar to Bali was late to arrive. Then for some reason that is apparently only understandable to Indonesians, it took over an hour for our flight’s luggage to come out on the conveyor belt. Which meant that my connection, which was originally just under 2 hours, now gave me less than an hour. I had to run from domestic arrivals to international departures. Then there was a massive queue to get through terminal security. And it was nearing closing time for check-in. They were already in the process of closing the counter for the Perth flight when I got there. I was extremely lucky.

Got through to the departure tax desk, and the price has gone from 150000 Rupiah to 200000 Rupiah since last time I was in Bali. I did know this before I left, but still…Then got stuck in the immigration queue. Finally got through to departures and they’d finished boarding the flight and were basically just waiting on me and a couple of stragglers.

Yes, Indonesia. This is why you frustrate me. Nothing is ever on time. Which is fine, except when you’re working to strict deadlines. Like flight departures.

At any rate, I finally got on board. A group of very drunk and loud giggling girls sitting behind me who wouldn’t STFU. Yes, I’m aware that I’m a travel snob. I’m used to flying on full service airlines, a good part of the time in business class. So when I’m forced to fly a low cost carrier in economy class? I’m going to complain about it.

There’s no option to request a VGML on Jetstar, because they’re a low cost carrier and I hate them. I had to fly with Jetstar due to lack of other options with the flight schedules from Kendari. Except today, I kind of hate Garuda more – for the late flight, and for the clusterfuck at baggage reclaim in Denpasar.

Alas, as much as I hate Jetstar, at least I was well aware that I wasn’t going to be able to get any vegan and gluten free food on board. As such, I’d stocked up on food in Makassar airport before I left. Dried mango! They were selling Coke Zero on board though, which is a plus. Credit card only, they won’t take cash.

Eventually, I just stuck my headphones in and did some work. Ended up with a row to myself as well. Originally there was one other person in the row, but they moved before take-off, so that was nice. Got to spread my stuff out.

We even landed on time, which you know, miracle! Not the worst Jetstar flight by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m certainly not going to be flying them again by choice.

Thank-you for choosing to fly with Jetstar!

Yeah, no. I didn’t choose that. I would never choose that.


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