Garuda Indonesia Economy Class UPG-DPS

After a very long 5.5 hour layover in Makassar, it was time to make my way to Bali for my international connection back to Perth. I say “long 5.5 hour layover” because even with a Starbucks selling me all the caffeine, it’s still boring. Also, they had music playing over the loudspeakers. And it was like the same song on repeat for 5.5 hours. Belly dancing type music at that. After about half an hour I was well and truly over it and getting a headache. After much caffeine, I went looking for a powerpoint to plug in my laptop…Nada. Want to know how to frustrate a business traveller in an airport? No powerpoints. Just saying. Also, I discovered after listening to 11ty billion flight announcements, that there’s a flight to Jakarta seemingly leaving Makassar every 10 minutes. Next time, I will suck it up and fly via Jakarta. Domestic-International transfers (and vice versa) in Jakarta are excruciatingly painful. But I hate long layovers even more – unless it’s in Singapore. Plus, Jakarta means Garuda flights the whole way through, none of these Virgin and Jetstar shenanigans.

I had this lovely blog entry typed up, and my computer died, and it hadn’t been saved. Now I have to try and remember the awesomeness that was what I originally wrote…

Anyway, I spent most of the layover either in Starbucks or wandering around trying to find a decent wi-fi signal. Starbucks, predictably, doesn’t have anything in the way of vegan or gluten free food. They make pastries and cakes. They also make coffee. All the coffee! That being said, there’s a couple of small mini-marts inside the terminal, and they have a few vegan and gluten free options. I went for the fruit chips, which by all accounts basically seemed to be freeze dried tropical fruit. They weren’t bad.

IMG_0593Fruit chips to go with my caffeine!

This flight kind of stuffed me around a bit. More on that in the next post about the flight from Denpasar to Perth. Suffice to say, this flight was late, and chaos ensued.

So yes, this flight was late to depart. Got on board and everything was pretty uneventful. The snack cart came around and they had my requested VGML. There was a bread roll with tomato and cucumber, a banana (a little overripe), and a bottle of water. I also got a coffee. All the caffeine! I ate the banana, left the bread roll and fillings.

imageThe VGML snack box on the flight from Makassar to Bali.

Honestly, this flight was really uneventful. The chaos that came upon landing is another matter…



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