Garuda Indonesia Economy Class KDI-UPG

So, there’s creepy, and there’s creepy. The guy sitting next to me on this flight was travelling with his infant daughter. She was no more than 18 months at the most. General chit chat upon sitting down, the father predictably asking where I was from (I was literally the only white person on that plane). Mentioned I was from Australia…And he offers me his daughter – to adopt and take back to Australia with me. For all he knew, I could have been a serial killer! I kind of pretended I couldn’t understand him anymore after that. Was that rude of me? Yes, probably. But as much as I dislike children, that was just so many levels of wrong. I wanted nothing to do with it.

But back to the start…Kendari airport is your typical regional airport in Indonesia. Check-in was surprisingly quick and efficient (for those who don’t know, Indonesia is notoriously NOT quick and efficient). Upstairs after check-in are a bunch of shops, which in reality are more like market stalls. They sell bottled water, Coke, nuts, cookies, etc. I bypassed them all, as there wasn’t long until boarding, and the flight was only 40 minutes. I had a long layover to come in Makassar, and planned to eat lunch there. Starbucks!

After the shops is gate security. Let it be known that they will let you take bottled water through. At least I saw a number of people with it post-security, so it’s possible the people checking the scanners at gate security simply weren’t paying attention?

Anyway, got on board and creepy guy situation finally passes. Shortly after taking off, snacks were served. Same situation as on the way over, no VGML for such a short sector, and the water bottle was in the snack box on offer. I got one because I wanted the water. For the record, the snack box had a bread roll, and a muffin-like thing in it.

IMG_0589The clearly non-VGML and non-gluten free snack box…With the water.

Landed on time in Makassar for my 5.5 hour layover *yawn* Starbucks has caffeine!


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