Garuda Indonesia Economy Class UPG-KDI

This flight was just odd.

Before I get to that, Makassar airport is awesome! There’s a Starbucks! I did a little dance of joy over that. No, seriously. Sweet, sweet caffeine! There’s also a Dunkin’ Donuts. And so many food options it’s awesome! Additionally, a decent assortment of regular shops. I’ve already got a few things planned to buy there on the trip home.

On to the flight and food though…

The travel agent at work told me that the VGML meal request for this flight was denied due to the length of the flight. At just under an hour, all we were to get on board was a snack, and therefore you couldn’t make special meal requests.

When the regular snack service came around, I took the box. Because there was to be no drinks service – and the snack box had a bottle of water in it. I wanted the water!

IMG_0581Why did I get the clearly non-VGML snack box? Water bottle.

Seeing the guy sitting next to me eating the food, the bread roll looking thing was a cheese bread roll with some kind of cheesy filling, and the other thing was sponge cake with cream. Obviously not vegan. Obviously not gluten free. But I got my water bottle!

Uneventful flight and only landed in Kendari 10 minutes late.

Now, the odd things:

  1. There were 12 exit row seats on the flight. Somehow, 7 of them had young children seated in them. For very obvious reasons, children aren’t allowed to sit in exit rows. Yet somehow 7 of them managed exit row seats? I wonder how the hell this can happen to be honest? You have to give your date of birth when you book the tickets. Surely on the Garuda Indonesia computer system there has to be some kind of filter that says “if [passenger.AGE]<16 then DO NOT SEAT IN EXIT ROW”. There’s algorithms for this. Maybe I could understand 1 kid getting through the filter, but 7? Really? There was then a mad scramble to reseat several families elsewhere on the plane so that the kids wouldn’t be in the exit rows. Yes, this is why the flight was late.
  2. How is it, that out of the 3 flights it took me to get to Kendari (Perth-Bali, Bali-Makassar, Makassar-Kendari), that the shortest flight (Makassar-Kendari) was the only one that had in-flight entertainment? Seriously, it was a 40 minute flight, yet it was the only one that had seatback screens. Virgin Australia had nothing. The Garuda flight from Bali to Makassar had nothing. Weird.

Now – I need to sleep.



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