Singapore Airlines Economy Class SIN-PER

Sleepy…Didn’t even have time for a Starbucks run in between flights. No coffee makes me a sad panda 😦

Too much blood in my caffeine stream!

After takeoff we got the obligatory peanuts and drink offering. Caffeine!

Then, random episodes of Glee…Puppet Master Blaine cracks me up! The movies on offer weren’t all that appealing.

Dinner service was prompt. Salad with French dressing, rice and vegetables, some kind of jello dessert with lychees, crackers, breadroll, and dairy free spread. Came with a glass of longlife juice. Ate the salad (sans dressing), and the rice and vegetables. The jello may or may not have been ok for me to eat, but it did have chunks in it, and I didn’t want to take the risk. I also can not reiterate enough just how much I hate lychees, even the smell makes me dry heave.The crackers and breadroll were decidedly non gluten free.

IMG_0085A little boring, but it was mostly edible.

I miss business class!


2 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines Economy Class SIN-PER

  1. What did you choose as your meal option for this in Singapore airlines? They don’t seem to have a vegan and gluten free meal option. I’m on a very restrictive vegan diet, recovering from chronic digestive tract infections. My doctor has told me to not eat beans and lentils that are hard to digest. Also, no caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten!

    • The VGML. You may need to ring to request it if you can’t find it online. It will also depend on which flight you’re on. They don’t always have the option on short-haul flight routes, only on the long-haul. In which case you’re pretty much on your own and will have to take your own food with you.

      Also, there is no vegan and gluten free option. You can order the vegan (VGML) and cross your fingers that it’s gluten free. Half the time I can’t eat most of what I get with the VGML, and that’s just the way it is.

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