SilkAir Economy Class MDC-SIN

One day this flight will be on time!

There’s been some remodelling at Manado Airport, but it’s still as simple as it was last time I was there. More food options, less souvenirs.

Honestly, I was so tired on this flight. I’d had so little sleep in the previous 2 weeks due to diving during the day, and then having to work every night.

We got offered a small bag of mixed nuts and some longlife juice just after takeoff. I asked for water and got it quickly. Didn’t want the nuts at the time, but in hindsight, something salty may have helped with my headache.

Lunch was eventually served: fruit, vegetables, rice, breadroll, and dairy free spread. The vegetables consisted of mushroom, eggplant, potato, and diced tomato, but no sauce. Edible, although incredibly bland. So bland I actually used both the dairy free spread and the little sachet of salt you get with every meal on the vegetables. Again, the pineapple tasted like it came straight out of a tin of Golden Circle. I don’t know why SilkAir think this is necessary given the abundance of good quality, cheap pineapple in this region!

VGML lunch from Manado to Singapore

Made up some time along the way, so we only landed a little late. I had a 90 minute connection, which was cut to around an hour due to the late arrival of the flight from Manado. Thankfully no mad dash, but also no time for stuffing round at the shops either. My credit card probably thanks me, although I really wanted something specific and didn’t have time to go terminal hopping to find it. Next time!


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