Singapore Airlines Economy Class PER – SIN

I should nickname this flight “Tigger“, because it liked to bounce!

So much turbulence.

For once I was glad to be in economy. I booked this flight so late that business class fares were astronomical. Couldn’t justify it. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was near the front of the economy cabin with a row to myself, but in business? A screaming baby. Who screamed for about 60% of the overnight flight.

I hate kids.

Anyway, food…

Got a tiny packet of peanuts and a drink after takeoff. Standard fare on an overnight flight I guess.

It was a breakfast meal service. I got my VGML. It was mostly edible.

Fresh fruit, spicy chickpea and vegetable patties with tomato salsa, mushroom (singular), and spinach. Also came with dodgy longlife juice, a breadroll, strawberry jam, and dairy free spread. My thoughts on longlife juice are well known – I’d rather drink Coke. The breadroll was decidedly non-gluten free, but you can’t win them all. I left the spinach because I need a low iron diet.

The vege patties, salsa, mushroom, and fresh fruit were good though! Coffee was terrible though 😦

Had better. Had worse.

Landed on time, and ventured off to duty free, before my next flight. I hate not having lounge access!


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