SilkAir Economy Class SIN – MDC

Ah, Manado. One day maybe the flight will actually depart on time…

A fairly old Airbus A320 plane, with no seatback IFE. Though amazingly, they had those tiny little overhead screens, and guess what they were showing? A documentary on diving in Malpascua!

Next dive trip? Perhaps!

As for food, we got offered juice or water after takeoff, along with a bag of mixed nuts. I didn’t want the nuts. They confirmed my VGML was loaded, which was a start.

The meal was more of a brunch type thing. Fruit, some vegetables, and a breadroll.

I think the watermelon was fresh, but the pineapple tasted like it’d come out of a tin of Golden Circle…

The veggies were a bit soggy, but otherwise edible. Breadroll was obviously off limits for gluten.

Had better. Had worse.

We landed a bit late, but not too bad. Usual clusterfuck at customs and the baggage carousel. I love Indo, but the chaos drives me insane.


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