Emirates Business Class JNB-DXB

So I missed the initial connection to this flight because my flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg was cancelled. I got on the next one easily enough.

Anyway, upon boarding I was offered the obligatory glass of champagne or juice. Normally I would request water instead, but I just didn’t want a drink, so I declined.

After take-off, drink orders were taken and delivered with some warm nuts. I figured that I had to get back to my regular diet the following day, so I allowed myself to eat a few high carb and high calorie things on the way home, like the nuts. I’d put on a scary amount of weight while in Zambia because I was eating so much high carb food. Well, scary is relative I guess. It’s enough that my triathlon coach will tear me a new one over it, but it’s really not that bad. It’ll take a month or so to drop it off again, but my next serious race isn’t until late April, so I don’t really care that much. I was seriously looking forward to going for a run when I got home again though. Three weeks without training sucked. It wasn’t safe to go running outside, and my hotels didn’t have gyms.

Meal orders were then taken. And the cabin attendant confirmed I had a VGML on board and then proceeded to ask if I’d actually ordered it and if I wanted it…WTF?!?! I don’t order a VGML for laughs. It’s not something you can order by accident. You have to either explicitly enter it into your frequent flyer profile, or explicitly request it for each individual itinerary. Anyway, despite the stupid comment, I said that I had in fact ordered it and that I was in fact vegan.

Not long after the food was brought out. Yet again, I got some salad to go with my salad as an entree. It wasn’t bad, just uninspiring. One salad is fine. Two just indicates a lack of imagination. The salad came with bread rolls, margarine and some balsamic and olive oil dressing. I ate the two salads with some of the dressing.

Salad…And salad!

The main was some steamed vegetables, vegetables in a tomato sauce, and some white rice. A bit bland, but otherwise ok.

The VGML main

Then spent most of the flight watching inflight entertainment. To Kill A Mockingbird is unquestionably one of the best movies ever made. I am a poor imitation of Atticus Finch. So yeah, watched that again. Also watched the start of a tv series called Broadchurch. British cop show. Really good, and planning to watch the rest of it when I get home. I think I know who did it, but I need to be sure (turns out I was right about who did it, but not why).

About 2 hours out from arrival in Dubai we got served a snack. I got given sandwiches with some kind of vegetable filling. They also had margarine or butter on (if I can’t tell, I obviously err on the side of caution). I couldn’t eat them due to the gluten regardless, so I tucked into my stash of dried fruit.

Landed a little early. I was exhausted (didn’t get any sleep on the plane) and grateful that the layover wasn’t too long so that I could just get home.


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