Emirates Business Class DXB-PER

Huh. What a clusterfuck.

I wonder when the standard of service tanked on Emirates? Or is it just bad on specific routes? I had poor service on the flights on my way to Africa, and not much better on the way home.

Priority boarding in Dubai was effectively non-existent, and I got on board to find economy class passengers stashing their bags in business class. When I asked the cabin crew to please do something so that I could put my own bags up, they just shrugged at me. Not impressed.

Despite boarding quite early, I wasn’t offered a pre-departure drink. The guy in the seat next to me was though. I was sitting there at the time the guy came around, and he simply totally ignored me…Could tell this flight was going to be good!

We then get an announcement that we are going to have to sit at the gate for another 40 minutes before our take-off slot. Why the hell didn’t they just delay boarding rather than making us stay seated on the plane? Ugh.

Eventually they came and took drink orders and breakfast orders. Though the cabin attendant was trying to get me to order off the menu even after I said I had a VGML ordered, since none of the breakfast options were vegan. Repeated requests from me to get him to confirm my special meal was loaded went unanswered, and his attitude was very poor for someone who is working in a premium customer service role. Rolling you eyes and saying “seriously?” to someone when they ask if their VGML is loaded in business class is not what I consider an appropriate attitude. I eventually spoke to another cabin attendant to make my breakfast order.

Breakfast itself was a bit hit and miss. There was some sliced fruit, but also bread and a croissant. I’m not sure what the main VGML breakfast dish was because I got them to clear my tray after eating the fruit. It was the middle of the night and I just wasn’t hungry.

20140208-140544.jpgThe first part of my VGML breakfast…A croissant – again. 

I then did some work, but started to nod off after about an hour. So tired. I didn’t actually sleep as such, but got some rest for a while before they woke us up for lunch about 2 hours out from landing. Again they first came to take drink and food orders. I got my diet coke.

Then the food…First major stuff up I have had on Emirates. First came a salad and some vegetables with an olive oil dressing. Plain, but ok. I bypassed the breadroll also placed on the tray.

IMG_5060The VGML lunch entree…

This was followed by the main. Potato cake, mushrooms and a tomato sauce. About a minute after taking my first mouthful…Throat starts to close up. Yep, dairy. I figure there was milk or butter in the potato cake. So…I get my epipen out and then spend the remainder of the flight near the bathroom. Broke down crying at one point in the bathroom. The cabin crew were really apologetic, and are going to lodge a report and put something in my profile (although it already clearly specifies VGML, so I don’t know what else they can do). I know it isn’t their fault. All they do is plate up what catering gives them. It’s an issue with the catering. Something went wrong somewhere and I got given a vegetarian meal (VOML) rather than a vegan (VGML) meal, the cabin crew even confirmed to me after the fact that they’d given me an ovo-lacto vegetarian meal. Will wait and see what response I get from the Emirates customer service people.

IMG_5061The meal that caused me so many problems…

As I’m sure you can imagine, all I wanted to do was get the hell off the plane. But immigration and customs when you’ve been in Africa? Long. Yellow fever certificates. 11ty billion questions about whether you have wood. “Are you sure? No, really, are you sure?“…Presumably they get a lot of idiots in Perth.

I am starting to think it’d just be a better idea to not eat the onboard catering at all and only eat food that I myself have cooked or purchased. At least that way I can be confident I won’t have an adverse reaction to it. It just annoys me that when I’m paying around $8000 for an airfare, that the airlines can’t get something simple right. Makes you wonder where else they might be trying to cut costs. This happened on a world leading premium airline, so imagine what the others are like.

Anyway, this was more or less the end of the trip. I was so glad to be home. This whole trip to Africa has been a nightmare. Problems with the food on the flights over, although nothing serious. Major problems in Zambia with the food and the attitude. Problems with the food on the flights from Zambia to South Africa. Problems with work stuff in South Africa. And serious problems with the flights back to Australia in terms of the flights themselves, and also the catering.

I hate flying. I want my teddy bear. I wish I was dead.


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