Emirates Lounge – Johannesburg

Finally on my way home, and I was infinitely glad for the lounge access in Johannesburg. I have been through Jo’burg international terminal a number of times and haven’t always had lounge access. Once I got stuck on a 12 hour layover with no lounge. Horrible. And I’ve been in the South African Airways lounges a number of times – they’re nice enough. But this was my first time in the Jo’burg Emirates lounge.

Because of my previous flight cancellation, I ended up with a really long layover before I could get the next flight out to Dubai. So I more or less holed up in the airport hotel for most of it. I rocked up for the flight pretty late and only really gave myself enough time to poke my head into the lounge, take a look around, get a drink, and then go buy some snacks from the shops for the flight (just in case) before heading to the gate.

The lounge is a decent size, but suffers from the same problem as many other lounges – a lack of powerpoints. The wi-fi was decent though.

Food in the lounge was varied. There were vegan and gluten free Arabic mezze options like hommus and carrot sticks. Other vegan and gluten free options included rice, a cauliflour and chickpea curry, grilled vegetables, pickled vegetables and fresh fruit.

There were plenty of non-vegan options like salmon cakes, meat curries, pasta, seafood salads and desserts such as cakes and muffins, as well as a varity of non-gluten free breads.

It’s actually a pretty good lounge except for the lack of powerpoints!

Hopefully my next trip to Africa will be a little less problematic with regards to the flights and I will be able to spend more time in the lounge and write a more detailed review.


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