South African Airways Economy Class CPT-JNB

Off to a fantastic start.

South African Airways strikes yet again.

Flight cancelled.

Which meant not only would I miss my connecting flight in Johannesburg (the replacement flight that they put me on landed too late to make it), which was annoying enough, but also meant that my VGML wasn’t loaded on the replacement flight. I can’t really blame them for not having my special meal loaded under the circumstances. But I can totally blame them for the flight cancellation in the first place.

However…After checking in and being put on a different flight, I figured that this was going to be the likely outcome. So I went to one of the shops inside the Cape Town domestic terminal and bought some peanuts and dried fruit. Ate that instead of the “vegan” croissant with cheese I got offered on board. Yes, seriously, this is what they offered me when I asked if by some miracle my VGML was on board…As the flight was full, there was no chance of a spare fruit platter or anything being loaded. But that was ok. I had my stash.

More annoyed about the missed connection in Johannesburg to be honest. I just wanted to go home. Not get stuck in Jo’burg airport.

I hate flying.


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