South African Airways Economy Class JNB-CPT

After a pretty terrible flight from Lusaka to Johannesburg and having to get them to hold the plane for me in Johannesburg because the flight from Lusaka was late, all I wanted to do was flop into my seat and relax before hitting the ground running in Cape Town. I had to land, get to my hotel, then head out for a dinner meeting almost straight away.

But no, I got on board and someone was in my seat. Presubably they figured I wasn’t boarding because I was late, but then an argument ensued when I asked them to move. Cabin crew had to intervene. Also, because I was late, yet another issue with overhead bin space. Airlines who don’t enforce their own baggage policies annoy the crap out of me. It’s why I hate flying in the US.

Anyway, eventually took off and the drinks cart came around and dinner was served. A bit early for real dinner though. It was a mild improvement over the previous flight. The VGML tray came with a cheese salad with an egg-based dressing in a satchet, a main that looked like some kind of vegetable stew with rice, and some dried fruit. No bread or butter on this meal tray. I couldn’t eat the stew because of gluten, but ate the rice and dried fruit. That’s one extra thing I could eat over the previous flight!

My VGML on the JNB-CPT flight. Not really vegan. I know, you’re shocked by that revelation, right?

Was a more than a little annoyed at that point about my previous flight being late, because I had hoped to have time to briefly visit one of the snack shops at the airport to pick up some food for this flight. Clearly someone hates me. I suspect someone who works for SAA?

Everything else was pretty average. Landed on time. And lo and behold, I land in Cape Town to find that they had lost my fucking luggage. Yes, South African Airways strikes again! Useless.


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