Emirates Lounge – Perth International Airport

Due to a last minute change in flights (thanks for that by the way), I ended up on Emirates instead of South African Airways. Kind of a win some/lose some situation. The flights on South African Airways were more convenient in terms of schedules, but Emirates has a far superior product in terms of lounges and on-board service.

As I get to fly business class on the long haul sectors to Africa and back, it means that I have lounge access. In Perth, Emirates operates its own lounge, right next to the Perth International Qantas lounge. While I’ve flown on Emirates before, it’s always been from the east coast of Australia, so this was my first time into their Perth lounge.

And it’s a winner!

I was addressed appropriately when I entered the lounge as Dr VFF rather than Ms VFF. If my boarding pass says Dr, I should be addressed as such. Yet most of the time I still get the Ms. I was also asked immediately if I wanted the wi-fi password. Obviously.

The lounge is spacious, and not too many people were around. Not sure how busy it gets for the other Emirates flights during the day though. The wi-fi isn’t super fast, but it’s certainly fast enough for some email, Facebook and blogging. And plenty of powerpoints to plug in my stuff!

IMG_4748Inside the Emirates lounge at Perth International Airport

There’s actually decent vegan options that don’t solely consist of fruit and a few lettuce leaves! There’s also a pretty decent drink selection in terms of beer, wine and spirits. And there’s Diet Coke.

I hadn’t really eaten dinner, so I got some cous cous (cooked perfectly), grilled vegetables cooked in olive oil and garlic, and some hommous. Something I’d probably order in a restaurant to be honest, so I was quite impressed! It certainly beats the antipasto offerings in the Perth International Qantas Lounge at any rate. After my lounge dinner, I got some fresh fruit for dessert. Was so good.

IMG_4749The mezze options and the fruit and dessert platters…Tasty!

IMG_4750The hot food options included rice, cous cous, paneer curry, lamb tagine, chicken something, grilled fish, homemade pies and grilled vegetables!

For the non-vegans, there were dishes like grilled barramundi, homemade steak and onion pies, lamb tagine, prawn salad, lobster salad, and a fantastic range of dessert options that were mostly pastries and cakes. The lobster salad looked really good by the way!

The lounge staff were courteous and whisked away empty plates and glasses without any fuss once you were done.

I really enjoyed my time in the lounge, but eventually I had to go get on the plane. I still don’t like Dubai, but the Emirates lounges are one of the definite perks!

And as I have now set foot in every lounge at Perth International Airport, I can safely declare Emirates to be the winner! Congratulations!


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