Malaysia Airlines Business Class KUL-PER

By this time I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was crawl into my own bed and sleep. Sleep for days.

Upon boarding the flight using the business class priority line (thank you KLIA!), we were offered a pre-departure beverage. The options were juice, sparkling wine or water. I got water since I no longer drink, and I hate long life juice. Same as usual, after takeoff the cabin crew came around to take brunch orders and confirmed my VGML was loaded. They also took drink orders at that time, and totally unpredictable for me – I got Diet Pepsi! Yeah, I’m a creature of habit sometimes.

The meal came out, and the tray had sliced fruit, a wholemeal breadroll, jam, non dairy spread and a tapioca dessert thing. After I ate the fruit salad, they served the main, which was thankfully something I could eat: cous cous and grilled vegetables in a tomato sauce. It was nice. The dessert turned out to be tapioca pearls in maple syrup. Sweet! I could have dessert too!

The general dessert trolley was eventually rolled around and I was asked if I wanted any, but it was some fruit crumble thing with vanilla bean ice cream. Smelt awesome, but it was a definite no go.

The remainder of the flight was uneventful. Filled in the immigration and customs form (they had a field day given how many boxes I checked – got to keep it all though), moved my seat into sleeping position and dozed off until we started to descend. This is why I fly business or first as often as I can (apart from lounge access), I want the bed to sleep. Does wonders for jetlag.

Landed a little early, which was nice. Then…Home! Normal food! Training again! Work…

At least for a little while. Off to Africa in about a week. Isn’t my life fun?

20140106-135704.jpgThe VGML brunch meal tray on the KUL-PER flight includes fruit salad and a tapioca dessert20140106-135713.jpgThe main brunch VGML offering: cous cous and grilled veggies!


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