KTM Domestic Airport…And the Kathmandu-Lukla flights!


This is Yeti Airlines…The “fly on time” airline?

I know the delays are due the weather, but it’s stupid for any airline in Nepal to market themselves based on on-time departures. Flights are delayed due to bad weather way too often, and despite what some idiots in the terminal seem to think, you can’t control the weather. Unless you’re Storm from the X-Men…And, no.

The domestic terminal at Kathmandu airport is ok. One large room with some metal seats. There’s a small snack shop that sells chocolate, cookies, candy, etc. I checked everything in there. Everything. Couldn’t eat any of it. Even the wasabi peas that were the most promising option were ruled out due to wheat in the wasabi. This trek is going to suck if I can’t eat ANY snack food they sell here.

The shop also sold coffee and tea. I got black tea. Helped warm up a bit at any rate. Was a little chilly – the weather delay was due to insane fog outside. The tea was good actually, certainly one of the better teas I’ve tried.

The flight eventually got cancelled, so went to try again the following morning.

Madness when all the flights got cancelled!

The flight itself was quite short at only 30-odd minutes. Plus, going into the Himalaya, it was as bumpy as you can imagine. So obviously there was no food service. Too dangerous. Been on plenty of flights like this in the past, so nothing I’m not used to. Quite similar to the SCL-MDZ “put your seatbelt on an don’t move for 35 minutes” flight over the Andes really. Racked up quit a few frequent flyer miles on that one!

Also came to the realisation that I probably won’t be able to buy anything gluten free as snacks. The shops are stocked to the brim with snack food, but it is all chocolate, cookies (read: Oreos), candy (read: gummy bears etc.). I checked ingredients on everthing that wasn’t ruled out due to non-vegan ingredients for gluten. Nothing. At all. Really wish I hadn’t raided my gluten free museli bar stash before leaving Kathmandu. I’m sure the regular meals I will get while trekking will be fine, but it looks like I’m screwed for snack food *sigh* I have vegemite, but haven’t been able to find rice or corn thins to spread it on. Going to ask my guide to take me food shopping later. I find it hard to believe this stuff isn’t sold anywhere, even if the prices are astronomical. This is a “price doesn’t matter” issue. I don’t care what it costs, as long as I don’t get sick!

Will write about the return Lukla-Kathmandu flight experience in a follow-up post!


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