Malaysia Airlines Business Class KUL-KTM

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu is part of the Malaysia Airlines (MH) regional network as opposed to their “international” network. I think it’s just anything intra-Asia is considered regional. It means a slightly inferior product, but as I was flying business class (the highest cabin class available on this route), I figured it wouldn’t be too bad…

I had made sure to get some breakfast in the Malaysia Airlines Regional Lounge in Kuala Lumpur before boarding the flight, as I wasn’t especially hopeful about getting food I could eat.

I was half right?

Anyway, upon boarding we got offered the obligatory pre-departure drink. Again, the option was long-life fruit juice. I asked for water, however unlike my previous flight, they got it for me immediately when I asked. No hassle. Shortly after take-off the regular drinks trolley came around, and again I went for the Pepsi Light.

Then the breakfast/brunch offering came out.

On the tray was a bowl of sliced fruit, the main meal, and a tapioca and coconut pudding. And a jar of strawberry jam. The fruit and the pudding were fine for me to eat. The main? Not so much.

The main was vegetables, rice and fried eggplant. The vegetables were fine. But the rice had something mixed through it. I could see it, and smell it. It was possibly just some spice mix and perfectly safe and gluten free. Or possibly not. And the eggplant had been battered before it was fried. The batter had seeped through the eggplant as well, so it wasn’t as simple as just cutting off the offending bits on the outside. As usual, when the bread basket came around, nothing was suitable. Which meant nothing to put the jam on.

So while the meal was vegan, I was unable to eat most of it because of gluten. These things happen. And I couldn’t even fall back on my stash of rice cakes, because I’d eaten them on my previous flight!

The VGML offering…

The rest of the flight was fine though. Mundane. Nothing to really say.

When I got to my hotel in Kathmandu, I ended up raiding my museli bar stash that I’d bought for trekking because I was hungry. I’m sure I can find some more gluten free museli bars in the shops here somewhere. I hope!


3 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines Business Class KUL-KTM

  1. I am glad I discovered your blog just before your trip to Nepal. Fabulous place, I look forward to hearing all about it. We found it easy to be vegan on the trek, not so easy in Kathmandu though. Hope you are in a nice hotel – we were at the Radisson (2yrs ago) and found their buffets the best chance of getting a good feed. They should be used to providing gluten free by now. Where are you trekking?

    • Trekking Gokyo Lake and EBC. In Namche Bazaar right now, last day with wi-fi for a couple of weeks. So far I’m finding vegan food easy, but gluten free impossible. I was almost forced to go without breakfast this morning because the only vegan things on the guesthouse breakfast menu contained gluten. I got my guide to go to another guesthouse to find me something, but I foresee this being a major issue once I leave Namche tomorrow. I am also finding it impossible to find any suitable snack foods along the trekking route. I thought nuts would be easy to find, but literally nobody stocks them. I’m writing a trip diary which will contain all the dirty details. Will post it when I get home and have a better internet connection.

      • Wow and wow. I wish I had become acquainted with you earlier, that is exactly the trek we did 2 years ago, with World Expeditions. Yes, we were hungry for snack foods and ran out of the extras we were carrying very quickly. We resorted to squirrelling away things like popcorn from the evening before, or buckwheat pancakes cooked that breakfast (just keep asking them and they will oblige), so that we had things to eat for morning and afternoon tea. Thankfully we were very well fed breakfast/lunch/dinner once they understood what we wanted – which was to eat like the Sherpas. I hope you have a fabulous time.
        Cheers, Jenny

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