Perth International Qantas Lounge

I’m through this lounge with some regularity, but this is my first since starting the blog, so I’m starting fresh with my thoughts on it.

I go through Sydney International more than anywhere, and it’s like comparing apples and oranges, because in Sydney I have access to the Qantas First lounge. There’s no spa or awesome cafe style dining in Perth. It’s just a regular serve yourself business lounge. But hey, at least there’s decent wi-fi? Anyway, onwards with my lounge review…

I had booked business class flights on Malaysia Airlines, but due to my Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyer status, this meant I had access to both the Malaysia Airlines lounge and the Qantas lounge at Perth airport. I had been told that the Qantas lounge was superior in just about every way, but I’m nothing if not curious, so I wanted to check out the MH lounge anyway. You can read about my thoughts on the Perth Malaysia Airlines lounge here.

After the miserable state of affairs I found in the Malaysia Airlines lounge, I ventured down to the Qantas Lounge. Having been in the Perth International Qantas lounge a number of times before, at least I knew the food and drink offerings would be better!

The lunch fare was out in the lounge and there was also some hot food out. A tomato and something soup (not gluten free – I asked), and cheese and spinach ravioli. Both great dishes I’m sure, just not vegan and gluten free. Such is life.

But they also had the antipasto stuff out. Corn thins, crackers, and various deli meats, marinated eggplant, sundried tomato, and various dips and salad mixes. I know from previous experience which things I can eat in the Qantas lounge, so I got some corn thins, some sweet potato dip, eggplant and sundried tomato. And there’s always the fresh fruit bowl and dried banana chips next to the coffee machine. Was a good (late) lunch!

I stayed in the Qantas lounge until my flight was called typing up this post on the wi-fi and drinking all the Coke Zero I could find. Because I have no idea how easy it’ll be to get in Nepal. I’ll drink Diet Coke if there’s no Coke Zero, but I do prefer Coke Zero. Because yes, I’m just that picky. First world problems!!!


The antipasto spread in the Perth International Qantas lounge today…


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