Perth International Malaysia Airlines Lounge

This is my first time flying with Malaysia Airlines internationally (flown with them domestically within Malaysia before).

In Perth, since Malaysia Airlines is now part of the OneWorld alliance, I have access to both the Malaysia Airlines (MH) lounge and the Qantas (QF) lounge at the international airport – this is due to the fact I booked business class tickets and am also a OneWorld Emerald frequent flyer. On this particular trip I decided to do some lounge hopping and check out both the MH lounge and the QF lounge since it was an afternoon flight and it would give me a good chance to do some comparisons on the food offerings. You can read about my thoughts on the Perth International Qantas lounge here.

The MH Lounge at Perth International airport is a sad state of affairs. It’s a nice room with a tiny little food and beverage area and the front desk. Not even any toilets – you have to go outside and use the public ones! I basically went in, had a look around, took some photos, got a small plate of fruit and a Diet Coke and then went to the Qantas Lounge at the other end of the terminal. I was probably in the MH lounge for a grand total of 10 minutes. Yes, it was just that sad.

The food offerings were extremely limited. Some biscuits, muffins, cheese and crackers, fruit, and a few pieces of sushi. The only thing there that I could eat was the fruit. I took some pineapple, strawberry and rockmelon. It was good, but pretty lacking in terms of lounge food.

PER MH Lounge Food

The fruit offering in the Perth Malaysia Airlines lounge…


The “bar” in the Perth Malaysia Airlines lounge.


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