Perth Qantas Club


I had an early morning domestic flight out of Perth. This is unusual for me as I’m normally on the red-eye overnight flights. So I was in the Qantas Club for breakfast rather than supper for a change.

The usual Qantas Club breakfast stuff was out. Eggs, sausages and beans, bread, museli, yogurt, fruit. I’ve been on enough early flights out of Sydney to know what the breakfast fare in the Qantas lounges is like.

Except in Sydney (or Melbourne, or Brisbane, or Cairns…), even though they don’t put it out, if I go and ask the lovely kitchen staff in the Qantas business lounge, they’ll give me some rice cakes because I’m gluten intolerant and can’t eat the breakfast bread offerings.

I went to ask the Perth Qantas Club staff about getting some rice cakes, and was told “no”. Really? It’s not like they don’t have them. They get put out for lunch and dinner every day. I know they’re not generally put out for breakfast, but they do have them in the kitchen or behind the counter. Is it really that much of an issue to go and get me a few because I’m gluten intolerant?

Qantas? This is not how your platinum frequent flyers should be treated. I know that the staff in the lounge wouldn’t know my frequent flyer status, but if they’re making an assumption that I’m just a paid Qantas Club member instead of being a platinum frequent flyer because I don’t fit the typical business traveller profile and treating me as such? You’ve got a problem.

Obviously I was able to eat fruit salad (sans yogurt and museli), but dammit I wanted some rice cakes!

Yes, I’m very well aware that I’m whinging about something that is very much a first world problem. Oh no, I’m complaining about the food in the business lounge at the airport! This whole blog is pretty much the epitome of a first world problem. I know this. I’m doing it anyway.

The usual Qantas Club breakfast bar offerings…Most of it’s a no-go for me.


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