On the road in…Cambodia!

So, Cambodia?

I was just newly vegan when I went to Cambodia and was still struggling to deal with everything. I flew to Phnom Penh via Bangkok on Thai Airways. I actually really like Thai Airways, they just don’t fly enough places or have a convenient flight schedule for where I normally travel. Their vegan food is usually pretty good, although it’s about a 50% strike rate with the vegan meal being gluten free. It’s normally the sauce on the meal which is the issue. One of the better airlines for vegan meals to be honest!

Surprisingly enough, eating vegetarian wasn’t so much of an issue in Cambodia. Eating vegan was. Lots of the food contained egg or cream. Being in the tropics however, fresh fruit was everywhere. Fresh banana, fresh pineapple, fresh paw paw…

For 2 weeks I pretty much lived on fruit and the occasional vegetarian coconut curry. Although vegetarian curry was around pretty much everywhere, I discovered that a lot of places mixed regular cream with the coconut milk. As I was travelling with a guide and I knew very few words in the local language, I got him to always confirm with the cook about what was going into the food. Managed to avoid any real harm. I think once I inadvertently ate a curry that contained gluten (possibly a sauce thickener) and was sticking pretty close to a bathroom for the following 12 hours, but aside from that, I was fine.

I did actually get offered dog at one point. It’s supposed to be an honour if someone invites you to a dog bbq? Managed to escape that by telling them I was vegetarian and didn’t eat meat.

I really enjoyed my time in Cambodia though. My diet was lacking a bit of variety, but thankfully there was an abundance of fresh fruit. And I do love fruit. It just gets a bit monotonous after a while.

Travelling in the tropics? There’s always fruit!

Going tomb raiding ala Lara Croft?


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