Vegan lunch on Qantas

Yesterday’s vegan lunch on Qantas.

Spicy Sichuan style tofu with vegetables and rice.

A bread roll with dairy free spread, and a vegan friendly cake thing.

See, here’s the problem. I ordered vegan, because you can only specify one dietary requirement.

The sauce on the tofu contained gluten. The bread contained gluten. And the cake thing contained gluten.

You can’t specify both gluten free and vegan. Just gluten free or vegan.

And since I am violently allergic to dairy – to the point where it can send me into anaphylactic shock, it’s better for me to order the vegan and cross my fingers that it’s going to also be gluten free. Sometimes it is. Gluten makes me sick, but at least it won’t kill me.

For the record, the flight attendant brought me an apple to eat when they saw I hadn’t touched the food. I also had my own stash of rice cakes and a tube of vegemite. Never fly without my own food because far too often I can’t eat the food served to me on board.


3 thoughts on “Vegan lunch on Qantas

    • You miss my point. This post is not to complain, this post is to simply point out the complications of travelling when you have dietary restrictions. I am obviously well aware that being both vegan and gluten intolerant is an issue, this is why I take steps to mitigate being served a vegan meal that isn’t gluten free by packing my own food. That being said though, what I do take issue with is ordering a vegan meal – and it not being vegan. Can you imagine the outrage if a Muslim were served pork? Or a Hindu served beef? Or a Jew served non-Kosher food?

  1. I have had the displeasure of trying this Spicy Sichuan style tofu with vegetables and rice… it wasn’t the gluten that got me, it was the massive sodium, possibly MSG hit I got from the sauce. I was starving the first time I tried it and gobbled it all up, and consequently got very little sleep that night. A month or so later I was served it up again and had a bit of a taste and thought nuh,uh, better pass on this one. I keep meaning to write to Qantas about that dish… (I know, they will probably deny it has MSG in it). I was relieved the other night when I was fed the penne pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce (I am fine with wheat), but what was that funny gooey stuff in a few places in the sauce? I think it was cheese. It was almost like they had tried to remove the worst of it so it wasn’t obvious to begin with… Pass.

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