Cheese and tomato croissants are vegan? Awesome!


I can eat this now? News to me!

I was at a conference in Perth in Western Australia a couple of weeks ago for work.

Seriously…I got given croissants with cheese and tomato for morning tea.

As fantastic as I’m sure the croissants were, they are pretty much just flour and butter. Just what a vegan who is violently allergic to dairy and who is gluten intolerant wants to eat! And cheese…

I call that one a fail.

It got worse. Lunch was a buffet, and when I registered for the conference I’d been told that I would be brought a separate meal that suited my dietary requirements. No meal showed up and literally every single thing in the buffet contained dairy. Everything. There was a vegetarian thing with a tomato sauce, but it was topped with parmesan cheese. The catering staff literally just said “scrape it off”. I wanted to smack them upside the head. I restrained myself – barely.

I eventually got them to bring me the meal I’d been told was forthcoming…And it was the same veggie sauce without the cheese – except now it was mixed in with pasta which contained egg. I just ended up eating fruit from one of the fruit bowls scattered about.

My expectations when I’m travelling in developing or third world countries are admittedly pretty low. But in Australia? In a 5 star hotel in a state capital city? I have expectations. I expect when I order a vegan and gluten free meal that it is actually going to be vegan and gluten free. I do not expect to be served food that is going to make me violently ill by professional caterers. Do these people seriously not know what the hell “vegan” means?


4 thoughts on “Cheese and tomato croissants are vegan? Awesome!

    • I’m getting around to it! I’m posting some hard facts of reality first. Because the reality is that when you have a medical condition that severely restricts your diet, travel is incredibly difficult. My job has me on the road about 4-6 months of the year in all far flung corners of the world. While some places are relatively easy to get by in, most are not. People need to be made aware of some of the issues around the world so that they don’t make the same assumptions that I have occasionally made.

    • That happened to me in Sweden.

      My issue is less that people can’t provide me with a vegan and gluten free meal. It’s when they tell me they can when they actually can’t. If my dietary restrictions were due to a lifestyle choice it would be one thing, but when they’re due to a medical condition it’s another story entirely. I actually have no issue if an airline, restaurant or conference organiser tells me they can’t cater to my dietary restrictions, as it gives me the opportunity to sort something out for myself. But when I’m lied to and end up either being violently ill (or worse), or simply end up with nothing to eat, that makes me angry.

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