American Airlines Anarchy!

Ah, alliteration!

I digress.

Oops, American Airlines did it again? I ordered a vegan meal and got given a vegetarian meal.


My “vegan” meal on an American Airlines trans-continental flight in first class…

Yes. The vegan meal that contains a chocolate muffin. And an omelette. And yogurt. I ate the fruit?

See, I always pay to fly first class on any US airline. Economy is just a clusterf**k. I want the baggage allowance. I want a decent seat. I want food. I choose to fly American Airlines because they’re part of the OneWorld alliance and I can credit the miles to my Qantas account. And honestly, as pathetic as they are, they’re still the best of a bad bunch.

And this is the standard of catering you get in first class. Even Qantas domestic economy manages better than this. When I order a vegan meal on Qantas, at least it’s actually vegan.

Honestly, if you’re going to offer vegan as an option, you need to actually provide it. If you can’t provide a vegan meal, then don’t offer it as an option! I would much rather be told that they can’t cater to my dietary needs than get given something that is going to make me sick (or worse).


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